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Waterproofing Of Terraces

In the segment of the waterproofing of terraces , we put in the hands of the clients the most personalized services. Without masonry works, joints or joints, our products offer customers the security of having up to 20 years of guarantees.

This service is essential in order that our buildings and homes do not suffer from moisture problems or cracks. From Vision Roofers, we guarantee the highest quality in this kind of work.

Arrangement Of All Types Of Drops And Humidities

Waterproofing, are the best option to prevent leaks and protect against leaks and dampness that usually occur with a roof in poor condition. From Vision Roofers, we perform services of:

  • Repair of Leaks in Roofs and Roofs of Bilbao
  • Waterproofing and repair of all types of roofs and terraces
  • Waterproofing of deteriorated or damaged roofs of tiles
  • Solution to any type of leaks, humidity and leaks caused by deterioration.
  • Repair of roof leaks , produced by any type of filtration
  • Arrangement of leaks and dampness in facades of buildings or courtyards.
Uralitas Treatment And Replacement

The replacement of uralite presents a serious problem, as it is a polluting material and has a high content of asbestos, its handling, cutting and waste creates conflicts at the level of environmental institutions.

The dismantling of this type of roof is mandatory under exacerbated safety measures and under the control of municipal technicians, which entails a high cost.

Solution To Drops In All Types Of Covers

We solve problems of leaks, leaks and moisture on all types of surfaces, including the roofs of private homes, buildings or industrial buildings.

The roofs can have deterioration problems caused by a faulty installation of machinery: such as cooling towers, condensers, cooling devices or air conditioning compressors among others.

Waterproofing Of Covers
  • Asphalt plate: it is a bituminous plate of self-protected surface with colored mineral granules, with fiberglass reinforcement and coated on both sides with bituminous mastic and finished in sand on the inner face as a non-stick material. This material is perfect to apply on mortar or wood supports.
  • Asphalt sheet slate finish: this type of cover is a solution for those areas in which what matters is the impermeability of the surface rather than aesthetics, since the material gives us a sense of continuity.
  • Projected cork: this system is ideal for the restoration of roofs with problems of humidity, condensation, etc. This material is crushed natural cork in various granulometries and that after its additivation confers properties such as impermeability, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. It is an excellent solution to isolate uralite roofs from asbestos projections.
Installation Of Asphalt Sheets

Plasticized sheets: They are asphalt sheets of unprotected surface with plastic film termination. They are composed of an armor coated on both sides with a bituminous mastic of elastomer modified bitumen