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Roof Repairs & Maintenance Services

Roofing Repair Services

When your roof starts to drip, it is important that your roof be repaired immediately to avoid further damage to your roof and your home. Small leaks that have formed on your roof are easy to rule out, but even the smallest leaks can cause big problems in the future, especially if they start to grow due to regular wear. When the leak repair is successful, it may delay the need for a complete roof replacement. Our team of experienced roofers can handle different types of roofs, from metal, tile and asphalt, as well as flat roofs. Our roof repair service covers both residential and commercial sectors.

Roof Maintenance Services

Did you know that ceiling warranties require regular and routine maintenance? Roof maintenance is key to increase the longevity of your roofing system. While roof materials, such as shingles and constructed membranes, have a long service life, sealants used in penetrations do not. Traditional putty sealers, which are the most commonly used, only have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years if installed correctly. The incorrectly installed putty can start to crack in just 2 or 3 months. Periodic roof maintenance is needed to replace these sealants and monitor your roof system to detect any other problems before they compromise the roof system.

Roof Cleaning Services

The most basic and often overlooked roof maintenance is roof cleaning. Many roofs must be cleaned annually, or even several times a year. Many roof problems during the rainy season can be eliminated simply by cleaning the roofs and clearing the waterways. Without regular cleaning, roof drains can become clogged and cause water to recede. When the water recedes, you will always find another way to travel. Cleaning your roof before drains are reached can save you a lot of money on possible plumbing bills and interior repairs.


Asphalt shingles

When it comes to roof replacement or installation, the material that dominates the market is asphalt shingles. Homeowners choose this material over any other for many reasons, the most common is its excellent price. No other roofing material can exceed the availability and style of selection of asphalt shingle roofs. In addition to being cost effective, the asphalt shingle roof is beautiful and comes with a wide selection of styles and colors that allow owners to create the design statement they want. This type of roof is also durable when it is not exposed to sudden and extreme weather changes, and is very resistant to fire. These materials are also very easy to install, which further reduces the total cost of your new roof,


Clay roof tiles

The clay tile roof provides great aesthetics for homes with a southwest or Spanish design, as well as a modern design, and comes in a variety of colors. The tile roof has an exceptionally long life cycle, and is expected to have a longer lifespan than the material on which the roof rests. Clay tiles do not rot or burn, and cannot be damaged by insects. It requires little maintenance and comes in a variety of colors, types, styles and brands. Clay tiles are fragile, so walking on them can be difficult. Although they are fragile in weight, they are extremely resistant to the elements, including harmful UV rays. Although clay tiles are very durable,


Metal roof

When it comes to roofing systems that can work for both homes and businesses, metal roofing is the industry leader. These roof systems are incredibly resistant to problems such as hail and fire, which guarantees superior protection. With such great protection, occasionally getting a metal roof installation can reduce your insurance premiums. In addition to its strength, metal roofs provide a striking appearance that will increase its attractiveness and property values, and you can buy metal roofing materials in a wide variety of colors and styles. The metal roof is also an incredibly light material that does not exert any additional effort on the support structure of your roof.

We offer you installation and maintenance of roofs, with high quality sheets that will always remain in perfect condition.In the installation and maintenance of laminated ceilings we have a trained team, which will provide you with the attention and advice you need to choose the product that best suits your spaces. Vision Roofers is the best option to prevent leaks and protect the conservation of your Property.


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